Tantra Massage

Tantra means self-expansion. An Eastern spiritual teaching points the way to self-development through meditations, yoga, yantra (tantric symbols), mantra (repeating sacred words to obtain enlightenment) and puja (honoring of gods). When we work on ourselves, the body is not excluded and everyone takes different phases. For men who work on themselves, it is often in the direction of creating more space for sensuality, connection and staying in touch with the partner, acceptance of pain in a relationship, but also being able to make clear what they lack in their intimate lives. For women, it is often about letting go of fixations about love and care, feelings of shame about what the body looks like and especially fear of sexuality. Many women could explore their bodies and experience pleasure, learn to communicate the boundaries that create a sense of security for them. In a sense, the philosophy of tantra brings man and woman closer together and in harmony.

The tantra massage I give contains elements of the tantric tradition of ritualistic massage. It is mainly about intuitive, loving touch of the body, also called honoring of the body. The effect is not only that it feels very pleasant. It can also be healing in some cases. My goal is not to offer a solution for people looking for sexual satisfaction. It can not be seen as a date or a replacement of a relationship. The contact with this massage briefly reflects the encounter of different energies at the level of universal love. Age, form and gender are not decisive. The feeling of giver and receiver and the purity of that feeling. This massage gives an idea about the potential of the body to experience pleasure without it being about sex. Again, I do not touch genitals with this massage. Partners who practice tantra should do so. In the beginning it is very important that it happens without the goal of excitement, but to keep in touch with the whole body. By relaxing and enjoying yourself in confidence, many energetic blockades and traumas from the past are cleared away. Excitement is then only a pleasant side-effect. Men who start with tantra should understand that the road to ecstasy begins with self-control. Being fully present in the here and now, enjoying what is without a goal or hurry, creating safe space for the feminine energy that seeks partnership in a subtle way with the male, these are the principles of a tantric experience. The person who has already developed a sense of awareness easily enters a state of enjoyment during the massage, which can last for hours. Everyone is able to achieve that and experience intimacy with a partner. For each massage I try to sit still for a while and meditate to feel grounded and relaxed. It is very important to pay close attention to breathing during the massage. In principle, the receiver should do the same. Everyone is welcome to first meditate with me for 10 minutes and do breathing exercises. To people who want to delve into the philosophy of tantra, I can give certain visualizations that they can use to work with energies during the massage. People who want to know more about ritualistic lingam and yoni massage can book and receive sites with video materials.

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