Relaxation Massage

In the relaxation massage I use the techniques of the classic (Swedish) massage. The muscles of the whole body are firmly massaged. First at the back and then at the front. Private parts are not touched. People often fall asleep during these massages, which is a good sign of relaxation. I usually use warm oil that I compose myself. The room where I give massages is preheated to around 25 ° C. There is also a possibility to shower before and after the treatment.

All massages I give are for healthy people. With some diseases it is not allowed. Anyone who has a health complaint must first consult with a GP if he or she can undergo a massage.

Hotstone massage

At the request of clients, I can also apply a hot stone massage to the various massages. The warm stones that are placed on different parts of the body quickly give a feeling of relaxation.

Foot reflex

With this massage, the feet are massaged in great detail. There are pressure points on the feet that are connected to the organs in the body. This massage is pleasant, soothing and can have a positive effect on your health.I do not treat health complaints.

Facial massage

I also do detailed facial massage, which is apparently more interesting for women, but men also enjoy facial massage that is part of an entire body massage.

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