I have been giving massages since 2005. It all started as a hobby. After a course in relaxation massage and foot reflexology, I gave massages to my first clients. Eastern spiritual philosophy has had a lot of influence on me. I have been for meditations in various Buddhist temples in India and California. In my spiritual quest, I discovered more and more that I should give massages from my feeling instead of following a system of techniques.

More and more people come to realize that a massage can have a positive influence on their health. Many clients I get come to enjoy a massage, but for me this means first of all making contact with someone and conveying a feeling - a feeling of pleasure, warmth and care.

Just like creating a painting with the interplay between the colors, tones, lines and use of shadows - the art of touch is about creating your own harmony through your hands. The hands quietly pass on everything that takes place within us ... peace, emotion, limits, the desire for connection. Regularly giving massages to different people, raises a whole series of questions about how you connect with yourself and with the other person.

This is also one of the reasons why massage is part of different spiritual practices.

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